Members of the mmb team regularly give talks on results of our studies at workshops, conferences and congresses. Here you can find some examples of their presentations on the subject "digital learning" – one of our key research topics. The presentations are in English and can be downloaded as PDF file.

The German concept "Leidensdruck" – a central motivational factor to introduce digital learning

Occasion: Online Educa 2010
Date: 02 December 2010
Place: Berlin
Speaker: Dr. Lutz Goertz

The German e-learning economy is still growing

Occasion: MMB e-learning economy ranking 2010
Date: 03 September 2010
Place: Essen/Karlsruhe (Germany)
Author: Torsten Fritsch M.A.

E-Learning Made in Germany – Markets and Trends

Occasion: eLBa Conference 2010
Date: 01 July 2010
Place: Rostock (Germany)
Speaker: Dr. Lutz Goertz

Social Software and the Future of E-Learning: Systemisation of a Current Phenomenon

Occasion: Online Educa 2006
Date: 30 November 2006
Place: Berlin (Germany)
Speaker: Dr. Lutz Goertz, Kai Heddergott

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E-Learning in the Field of Industry and Education in Germany and its Perspectives in Europe

Occasion: E-Learning World 2005
Date: 22 July 2005
Place: Tokyo (Japan)
Speaker: Dr. Lutz P. Michel

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Learner Typology – Strategies to Convince SMEs of E-Learning

Occasion: Online Educa 2004
Date: 02 December 2004
Place: Berlin (Germany)
Speaker: Dr. Lutz Goertz

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Market Status and Policy for E-Learning in Germany

Occasion: ASEM 2003
Date: 28 October 2003
Place: Seoul (South Korea)
Speaker: Dr. Lutz P. Michel

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