mmb covers several key research topics in the field of media and education, labour market and occupation, qualifications and competences. The main subjects are:

media research

digital learning / e-learning / media-based learning

vocational education and training / educational research

labour market development / occupational research

location development analysis

accompanying research / evaluation

In this scope mmb conducts studies and research projects, arranges hearings, moderates expert talks and derives recommendations, concepts and guidelines to initiate further actions.

For example, mmb is responsible for support and evaluation of the research projects "LERNET" (2001-2008), "next generation media" (2006-2009) as well as "MEMO" and "Flexicare 50+" (2011-2014), funded by German Federal Ministry and European Social Fund (ESF).

Furthermore mmb is member of several European project consortia, for example for the EU-funded projects "EQO", "SIG-DLAE" and "Embedding Standards".

Please see our Download category for some examples of results of our research.